Zhang Xu Chao Editorial for (Singapore) Citta Bella, June 2008

I think Zhang Xu Chao is one of the most beautiful Chinese models out there -- check out her beauty shots from an earlier post on here. I was totally blown away by those photos when I first saw them 6 months ago. Then I saw this set from Singapore's Citta Bella, June 2008 and I was blown away. again. I sincerely hope she gets more international exposure and get to do more editorials and runway shows.

Model: Zhang Xu Chao (Esee China)
Editorial: Sexy Babe
Magazine: (Singapore) Citta Bella, June 2008
Photographer: Wee Khim
Stylist: Johnny Khoo
Makeup: Clarence Lee
Hair: Dexter Ng

Source: Cindy Ow from Singapore
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